Antispam Policy

What is Spam?

Spam refers to the sending of unsolicited emails in bulk, where BULK is understood as the indiscriminate sending of emails, and UNSOLICITED as those that do not have the explicit consent or authorisation of the recipient.

Our ANTISPAM Commitment.

At FREEMEDIA we are firmly committed to antispam policies, which is why we do not allow our technologies to be used to carry out such activities.

All users to whom emails are sent using our technologies will need to have given their explicit consent to receiving the messages.

Measures we adopt to ensure adhesion to our ANTISPAM policy.

To ensure compliance with the antispam policies, we adopt the following safeguards.

  • Guarantee and proof that the user’s unequivocal consent has been obtained legitimately.

  • Inclusion of two essential elements in all emails:

◦ Unsubscribe link.

◦ Valid email address enabling swift communication with the person responsible.

  • Prohibition on the sender’s identity being disguised or hidden.

  • Monitoring of activity to detect undue or improper use.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of databases.

  • Decommissioning of users who have not engaged in any positive action in recent months.

  • Carrying out periodical internal audits.

  • Scheduling of biennial audits conducted by independent experts.

  • Deployment of FEEDBACK LOOPS, receiving all the information about users’ complaints in real time.

Consequences of non-compliance with our ANTISPAM policy.

As soon as FREEMEDIA INTERNET detects a breach of the antispam policy by one of its customers, appropriate steps are taken to ensure that, within a reasonable timeframe, they remedy any errors that may have been committed. If the activity does not cease within this timeframe or the required steps are not implemented in their entirety, the contractual relationship is terminated.

Other measures.

In addition to all the above, FREEMEDIA categorically prohibits sending the following materials:

– Illegal materials or materials contrary to public order or civil behaviour.

– Material that discriminates on the grounds of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance.

– Material in breach of intellectual or any other type of copyright.